News for Neighbors: Better, Faster Snow Removal

New for the 2012/2013 snow season all residential streets will be plowed after 2 inch snowfalls.  Streets will be cleared with larger snow plows known as “wing-plows.”

Wing plows can clear a path 14 feet wide.  This larger path requires vehicles to be off the street to make the equipment as efficient as possible.  Therefore parking will be restricted until residential streets are plowed curb to curb.

Learn When the Plows are Coming

Snow removal on residential streets citywide will begin when the snow ends.  You can access up-to-date information on snow removal by the following methods:

Email: Subscribe to email alerts at in the link “sign up for email subscriptions”

Texting: Subscribe to text message alerts by texting DMSNOW to 96362.

Facebook: like us ‘Des Moines Public Works’

Twitter: Follow us @dmdpw.

Call: The Department of Public Works 24-Hour Customer Service Center at 283-4950.

The cost of a ticket for parking during restrictions is $35 so make sure you comply!

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