NOG Receives Metro Waste Authority Grant

The North of Grand Neighborhood Association has received a $1,000 grant from Metro Waste Authority (MWA) for neighborhood beautification.

The funds will be used to purchase MWA compost to supplement corner plantings and garden spaces along Woodland Avenue and perennials that will be planted near BridgePark on Center Street.

The grant money will be put to use in April and May 2015 in preparation for spring planting.

Metro Waste Authority has provided nearly $2 million to its member communities through grants for cleanups, waste reduction and diversion since 2001. The grant program offers a reimbursement to schools, public and private groups/clubs and neighborhood associations for projects with an environmental focus that are located in our service area.

Metro Waste Authority is an independent government agency comprised of 16 member communities, one county and six planning members. Established in 1969, Metro Waste Authority was designated to manage the landfill for the Polk County area after state law required all Iowa communities to properly dispose of their solid waste in a sanitary landfill. Now, Metro Waste Authority is the leader in environmental stewardship and cost-effective waste management.

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