The Stockdale Double House, 4018 Ingersoll

Stockdale Double House
In 2009, the 1909 Stockdale Double House, located at 4018 Ingersoll Avenue, was determined by the State Historic Preservation Office to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (link nomination form). It is valued for its historic Prairie School design.

“A mix of Prairie Style, Tudor Revival, and Craftsman single and multi family dwellings are located within the block of 40th Street between Ingersoll and Grand Avenues to the east and south of the site, including the former Fire Station Number 12 … at 535 40th Street that has been rehabilitated for an adaptive reuse. This block also contains sections of the late 19th c. brick sidewalks. The area retains a substantial vegetative canopy of first-growth hardwood trees and late 19th and early 20th century suburban landscape plantings. The blocks adjacent to the site contain a number of architect-designed homes, apartment buildings, public and semi-public institutions and commercial buildings. The latter are mainly concentrated along Grand and Ingersoll Avenues” (2009, p. 4).

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