Greenwood Park 1886 Plat Map & White’s Lake

In addition to hosting the Brown’s Park Iowa State Fair, the neighborhood was once the site of former White’s Lake. From examining a copy the 1887 plat map entitled, “W.L. White’s Subdivision of Lot 1 of Greenwood Park,” courtesy of the Polk County Recorder’s Office, one can make out familiar streets like Woodland Avenue at the bottom (south) and Center to the north. Other street names have long since changed. Greenwood Lane is now known as 40th Street. In 1887, Clover Lane curved northeast from Woodland to Pleasant (between 38th and 40th) around what was known as White’s Lake.

By 1919, residential plots replaced White’s Lake. Thirty-ninth Street is shown parallel to 40th, and to the east of the former lake there are dashed lines that indicated Clover Lane’s former curved route.

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