Bauder’s Pharmacy, 3802 Ingersoll

Bauder’s Pharmacy is home to the first registered lady pharmacist of the state. Carolyn Bauder started the pharmacy in 1916. She started by selling prescriptions and home necessities (needles, thread, and other household items). The pharmacy was originally located at 18th and Crocker, in 1925 Bauders moved to its present and permanent location 38th and Ingersoll Ave. Carolyn Bauder took in a partner (Charles Graziano) in 1947. Charles and his wife Corrine purchased the other half in 1963. Charles worked daily until his passing in 1996. The store is currently operated by Corrine and their children Kim and Mark.

Bauder’s charm comes from its nostalgic soda fountain. It features a mint condition running Coke machine. All malts and drinks (green rivers, cherry Cokes, and others) are all served in old fashion soda glasses. The fountain has a menu of famous sandwiches and drinks.

Bauder’s ice cream is regularly showcased at the Iowa State Fair, where it has participated since 1986. Of note, a special Bauder’s treat available only at the Fair is a “Bauder’s peppermint bar.” This treat has an Oreo crust, 2 inches of ice cream, topped by hot fudge and cut into ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

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